Aerial Silks - Shipped on Mondays Only

Aerial Silks - Shipped on Mondays Only

$ 80.00

Our silks are back in stock! Please note our limited shipping due to COVID-19. We ship silks on Mondays only. We must receive your order by Sunday at 6pm PST for it to be included in our Monday shipment.

  • Low stretch polyester tricot fabric
  • $10 per yard 
  • Cut to your ordered length 
  • 110-inch width 
  • Rated to hold 2,500 lbs 

Caring for your silks:

  • Machine wash COLD delicate cycle 

  • Do not dry on heat, hang drying is best

  • Keep away from the sun, UV rays can damage the fabric

  • We do not advise rigging silks from trees

  • Correct and safe aerial rigging is your responsibility. Contact a structural engineer and professional rigger prior to installing any aerial apparatus

Please note: We do not sell the hardware, only the silks.

We do not accept returns for aerial silks. 

Unsure what length to order?

>>> Click here to learn how to calculate the length